In poll after poll, Texans have spoken on the issue of independence. It’s time that we put it to a fair and public vote on whether Texas wants to stay under the thumb of Washington bureaucrats or embrace a future of freedom and independence as an independent, self-governing nation.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act is a piece of proposed legislation that will give Texans the ability to vote on becoming an independent, self-governing, nation-state. The most comprehensive piece of self-determination legislation ever introduced in any State of the United States, it is modeled after the UK Referendum Act and the Scottish Referendum Act, as well as previous proposals submitted by the TNM.


Can the Texas Legislature call a referendum on Texas independence?

There has been some discussion over the issue of whether or not the Texas Legislature has the legal authority to call for a referendum on …

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What will happen immediately after a TEXIT vote?

Parties and celebrating. Lots of celebrating. Beyond that, we have to begin the process of operating as an independent, self-governing nation. Contrary to the doomsday …

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Will the federal government use military force to stop TEXIT?

One cannot reasonably assume that the policy of the federal government from the mid-19th century would be the policy of the federal government two decades …

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How much support is there for TEXIT?

In 2009, Research 2000 conducted a poll of Texans and asked them this question: “Do you think Texas would be better off as an independent …

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How do we start the TEXIT process?

The entire issue will literally come down to a question, two choices, and the decision made by the people of Texas. In reality, it’s not …

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How do we get a vote on TEXIT?

There is no existing statutory framework in Texas law specifically for conducting an independence referendum. There doesn’t have to be. All the pieces are currently …

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Do we have legislation ready to file for a TEXIT vote?

Yes. Amazingly, the legislation required to initiate a Texit referendum is incredibly simple when contemplating the large impact it will have. The text of the …

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How do we avoid losing our independence vote like Scotland did in 2014?

Leading up to the passage of the referendum bill and through to the actual vote, the debate will be vigorous. However, until there is a …

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What will it take to win a TEXIT vote?

The current threshold to win any vote in Texas is a simple majority of those who vote. While there are examples of greater thresholds around …

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Which legislators support TEXIT?

While many express their support behind closed doors and a few have expressed public support for having a vote on the issue, only one has …

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Do we have to vote on a President before we TEXIT?

No. Texas already has its own government, and it will continue to be our government until the Texas Constitution is amended. After TEXIT, an independent …

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