The TEXIT Petition


While it was previously believed that the TEXIT petition could only be signed in person, the TNM’s legal team has conducted a thorough review of the relevant portions of the Texas Election Code.

The form below meets all the legal requirements and obligations specified in the Texas Election Code.

You must watch the video below in its entirety before signing the petition.


Once you've watched the video in its entirety, scroll down to fill out and sign the petition.

EXPLANATION: The statement below means you can still vote in the Republican Primary in 2022. You will be ineligible to vote in the Democrat primary election or be an official delegate to a third-party convention such as the Libertarian or Green Party. And you may vote for anyone you wish in the General Election next November.

STEP 2: Sign The Petition Now

Once you fill out all of the required fields, a SIGNATURE field will appear above the SUBMIT button. You will use your finger, mouse, or stylus to sign your name.