a virtual workshop series to prepare you for the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature



TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop is a first-of-its-kind virtual event, held from December 7th – December 14th, where you’re able to learn how you can effectively get your voice heard during the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature.


The Main Thing: Legislative Priorities of the TNM

Daniel Miller

President, Texas Nationalist Movement

Demystifying The Lege: Why You Can Make A Difference

John Griffing

Communications Director, TNM

BREXIT to TEXIT: Turning Pressure Into Electoral Success

George Konstantinidis

Former Chairman, Eastern Counties Region, UKIP

Why Do You Care?: The Importance of Developing Your Story

Don Teer

Field Director, Texas Nationalist Movement

The Road to Referendum: Quebec’s Two Independence Votes

Jake G. Provencher

Author & Researcher

Building Relationships For Legislative Advocacy

David Thomas Roberts

CEO & Author

Interview: Legislative Success & The TNM

James White

State Representative District 19

Panel: Past, Present & Future of the Alamo

Jerry Patterson

Former Texas Land Commissioner

Learn To Testify: Unlocking The Secrets of the Texas Legislature

Rachel Malone

Texas Director for Gun Owners of America

The Texas Freedom Caucus & The 86th Legislature

Teresa Beckmeyer

Grassroots Director for the Texas Freedom Caucus

Property Rights and Pipelines: A Legislative Update

Weston Martinez

Former Commissioner at Texas Real Estate Commission

Protecting Our Culture: Why The State Board of Education Matters

Dr. Matt Robinson

State Board of Education, District 7

Interview: The Speaker of the House and Why It Matters

Jonathan Stickland

State Representative District 92

Getting Through: Effectively Engaging Your Elected Officials

Steve Toth

State Representative District 15

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