If the Calexit movement continues to attract support from among Californians and Californian politicians, this begs the question for many of us in the Lone Star State, “Where are Texas politicians on Texas independence?”

Texas independence is an idea that’s been around a lot longer than Californian independence, and polling suggests that great percentages of Texans (over 50%of Republicans & Independents and over 30% of Democrats, per a 2014 Reuters poll) support the idea of Texans running their own country rather than having to defer to a paternalistic federal government.

Perhaps it’s time that Texas politicians stop dragging their feet and give the Texas people, this legislative session, a referendum where they can decide for themselves whether they will remain with the Union or Texit. If the Governor and the Texas Legislature continue to ignore this issue, it may be that they will pay a heavy political price should California beat us to independence.

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