The # symbol in the 21st century is called a hashtag. For those whose memory can recall events in the 20th Century it used to be a number symbol or pound sign. The hashtag today is a valuable tool for brands and issues on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook as well as websites and areas across the web.

What does it do? Basically, it links similar posts on a topic or subject. It helps the public, media outlets, and intelligence agencies (probably) easily identify what subjects or issues are trending. In other words what is capturing the public opinion at the moment. You can search for hashtags on social media sites and find all tweets, status updates, or comments that mention it. This creates a single conversation from many individual comments around a big idea.

So how does a # have an impact on Texas Independence? One of the biggest challenges the Texas Nationalist Movement (#TNM, @TexasNatMov) faces in its fight to get and win a referendum on Texas Independence is outright disbelief in the vast number of people that think Texas Independence is a good idea and would vote for it. When Texans (both home and abroad) used #Texit following the British secession vote from the EU (#Brexit), it caused the keyword “Texit” and “Texas Independence” and “Texas Nationalist Movement” to trend across major social sites earning it additional international media attention. This attention was used by our media team to result in hundreds of articles about Texas Independence. It brought credibility to the cause. Just a month earlier a major event transpired in Texas history. Half of the thousands of elected delegates at the Republican Party of Texas State Convention stood in favor of Texas Independence. However, little facts like that can be ignored by the mainstream media just like they can be ignored by the party Chairman (that’s another article). Trending on Facebook, Twitter and social sites cannot be ignored in 2016.

When having a conversation about how bad the political races are and it dawns on you that Texas Independence would be a better choice than either candidate, use the #Texit in your comment or post. When someone talks about corruption in the criminal justice system, excessive taxation, or government overreach, then use #Texit to indicate a solution to their problem. When someone posts a pic of growing Texas Businesses, Texas made products, the vibrant culture of Texans, or our beautiful landscape from the piney woods to the beaches, hill country, plains, mountains and canyons, remind them them Texas will be just fine or really better off on its own and include #Texit.

The #Texit symbol is a quick way to inform friends, family, Texans, Texans abroad, Texas admirers and even Texas haters that the best future for Texas is one where Texans decide our future. You can make #Texit the ultimate solution to countless federal woes and the ultimate statement of pride in the Lone Star State. By doing this you will show your fellow Texans they are not alone in their belief that Texas would be better off as an independent nation. You will show the media that the future of Texas is worth talking about which will bring more media coverage of our call for a vote on this issue. And you will show Texas elected officials that it is their duty as representatives of the people of Texas to pass a bill giving their bosses, the people of Texas, a referendum on independence.

Time for #Texit

One more thing… be sure to use your unique recruiter ID when encouraging Texans to pledge their vote. This way you can experience the benefits and positive feeling of knowing the progress you made toward Texas freedom! Find your link and more info at

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