Director of Information & Research

We are looking for someone who has a passion for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information and data.

Things You'll Do

TNM is an “all-hands-on-deck” organization, so you’ll likely get involved in a little bit of everything. That said, here are some things you’ll take point on:

  • Stay up-to-date with international trends and developments
  • Present research results by writing reports, giving presentations, and publishing articles
  • Collect data from sources such as public opinion surveys and election results for independence
  • Establish contacts and sources to use in future research
  • Monitor current events, public policy, and legislative changes
  • Perform and analyze detailed research on a wide range of subjects
  • Research issues personally affecting members of the TNM and all Texans

About You

You know that knowledge and information are power. You are a ravenous learner. You love to read, study, and investigate all aspects of the world. You have a grasp of politics, economics, and culture. You are resourceful, persistent, and inventive. You enjoy deep dives into the history of self-determination and self-governance. You are a critical thinker and possess an openness to explore new sources of information. You do not stop digging for information with the first page of Google. You know that not all information is digital. You are hard-working, diligent, focused, and devoted to Texas independence. You are comfortable with collaboration and enjoy teamwork.

About The TNM

For over a decade, the Texas Nationalist Movement has been the primary and most successful champion of an independent Texas. Our organization is powered by super-dedicated Texas Nationalists who spend their time and use their skills to advance the cause of Texas independence and carry out the mission of the TNM. All of our work is accomplished by teams who work together on various aspects of our mission. We are a diverse group who live all over Texas. By leveraging technology and tools, we are able to communicate and work effectively as though we all showed up to the same office every day. We are a tight-knit group of people that genuinely care about one another and the work that we do together.


Are you a good fit?
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