We're Making Texas Independent Again

The Texas Nationalist Movement believes that the best people to govern Texas are Texans. We are a movement that seeks to return the right of self-government to Texans and make Texas a free, independent, and prosperous nation again.

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Our mission is to give Texans a voice in their future.

We want to make Texas an independent nation again.

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How We Win Independence

Each stage of our plan builds momentum and drives us closer to our goal of independence.


Inform and Educate. Providing essential information and education to both our supporters and the wider public.


Organize and Mobilize. Building a disciplined and organized movement to achieve our mission of independence.
Take Action. Our strength lies in the collective actions of our supporters. Together, we can achieve independence.
Why Texans Want Independence

Making The Case For TEXIT

Watch TNM President Daniel Miller layout the case for and the path to TEXIT.

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Make TEXIT Happen

Question About TEXIT?

Can Texas actually leave the union?

Those opposed to seeing Texans govern themselves would like you to think that getting a vote on TEXIT is illegal or unconstitutional. Learn the truth.

What does it take for us to TEXIT?

There is only one thing that is required for us to TEXIT – a vote by the people of Texas. Find out how that vote can happen and what that vote will look like.
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