We're bringing TEXIT everywhere.


The Texas Nationalist Movement is bringing the message of freedom and independence to every corner of Texas and beyond. Come connect with a community and movement that is passionate about Texas becoming an independent nation again.
Inform. Organize. Act.

Find an event in your community.

The journey towards Texas independence is a collective effort, and we believe in the power of coming together. Our upcoming events provide a platform for like-minded Texans to connect, learn, and contribute to the cause. Whether it's a town hall meeting, a TEXIT petition signing event, or a celebration of Texas culture and history, each event brings us one step closer to our goal. Mark your calendars and join us in making a difference. Together, we can shape the future of Texas.
3318 Hwy 365 Suite 243
Nederland, TX 77627
Toll Free: 800-662-1836
Member Services: 409-527-4929
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