Code of Conduct

To protect the integrity and reputation of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), to protect it in the advancement of its mission, and to shield the organization against legal action, each member of the Texas Nationalist Movement agrees to the following code of conduct:

  1. Members shall not advocate for positions, actions, or ideologies that are inconsistent with the mission, principles, or policies of the Texas Nationalist Movement.
  2. Members shall not advocate for, nor be a member or associate with any organization, formally or informally that advocates for, discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, country of origin, creed, or color.
  3. Members shall not advocate for or engage in the initiation of force or violence as an instrument of political change.
  4. Members shall not participate in nor advocate for the commission of any criminal act whether or not it is related to the Texas Nationalist Movement.
  5. Members shall conduct themselves in a courteous and lawful manner at all times.
  6. Members are expressly prohibited from fraternizing with known criminals, known or suspected criminal organizations and their members, associates or affiliates. 
  7. Members shall not steal or misuse organizational assets and resources including intellectual property. This includes making information available to those who are not authorized to access such information.
  8. Members shall respect the confidentiality of other members and the organization.
  9. Members shall maintain the integrity and honor of this organization and shall not bring disrespect, dishonor or disrepute on the TNM.
  10. Members shall respect the personal dignity of all members and shall not use abusive or derogatory language. 
  11. Members shall not misrepresent their role in the TNM including claiming titles or positions for which they have not been duly appointed. In addition, members must not wear any TNM logos or utilize any pamphlets, banners, stickers, web links or any other reference to the TNM that would suggest that activities outside the scope of our mission are sanctioned by and involve participation or collaboration with the TNM.
  12. Members shall never engage in slander of any person, or threaten any person in word or deed.
  13. Members who observe violations of this Code of Conduct by any other members shall report the violation and specifics thereof to the TNM immediately.

The Texas Nationalist Movement reserves the right in its sole discretion, to withhold, deny, suspend, or revoke the membership, associate membership, or affiliation of any person whom the TNM determines will dilute, impair or disrupt the TNM’s mission, principles, policies, and guidelines, or in any manner bring ill repute to the TNM. Anyone covered by this Code of Conduct agrees to abide by any determinations made pursuant to this Code of Conduct and that any decision on matters of this Code of Conduct by the TNM, its leaders, or agents is final without further recourse. Declaration of support, initiation of membership, participation in sanctioned TNM events, and/or usage of our website constitutes agreement with this Code of Conduct.

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