Why is membership in the TNM important?

Why are men and women of all ages, veterans and active-duty military, business owners and workers of all types, fathers, mothers, students, and Texans of all ethnic backgrounds joining the Texas Nationalist Movement?

“I joined the TNM because I want to network with like minded Texans and work together to obtain independence in my lifetime.”

– Susan D. in Harper, Texas

Because they all want to see Texas strong, prosperous, and independent and they know that the TNM is making it happen.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is one of the largest advocacy organizations in Texas, the second largest independence organization in the western hemisphere, and one of the largest in the entire world. Membership is open to anyone who believes in a free, independent, and self-governing Texas.

So if you're feeling that...

  • You and your fellow Texans should govern Texas and not 2.5 million unelected Washington bureacrats

  • Texas history and culture are worth celebrating and protecting

  • You are more deserving of your paycheck than the federal government

  • You should be able to vote on Texas becoming an independent, self-governing nation

  • Your personal rights and liberties are under constant threat from the federal government

…you’re not alone, and you can change things.

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Join other passionate Texans just like you who are being pro-active through membership in the TNM

  • No more wondering if someone is standing up for you and Texas—you’ll immediately become a part of our 24/7 advocacy efforts on a range of issues related to the political, cultural, and economic independence of Texas.

  • Drive Texas independence efforts AND save time by focusing on the critical few activities that will deliver the biggest results—using our library of personal activism tools.

  • Whether you want a deep-dive on independence issues or just the high points—you’ll find the information that you want in our members-only insider briefings by the TNM leadership.

  • Our library of exclusive reports teach you critical information related to independence and show you how to effectively advocate for critical issues. 

  • You’ll get immediate access to our members-only online discussions where you can network with other members, meet others who are passionate about Texas, and enter into a community of like-minded Texans.

  • Engage and learn in person with priority access to our ticketed exclusive events.

  • Unlike other organizations—that focus on specific issues or have no real-world experience—we only deal in practical, actionable strategies that are the result of our extensive experience.

And the cost? From just $30/year.

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See what people just like you are saying about membership...

“I joined the TNM because I want to network with like minded Texans and work together to obtain independence in my lifetime. ” – Susan D. in Harper, Texas

“I joined the TNM because there are no other serious organizations out there working towards Texas independence. ” – Jeff H. in Victoria, Texas

“I joined the TNM because I firmly believe the future of Texas, our culture, and our way of life depend on Texas independence.” – Weldon R. in Fort Worth, Texas

“I joined the TNM because I wanted the satisfaction of knowing that when the time came, I was ready to do whatever it takes to keep my family and future generations free.” – Courtney O. in Amarillo, Texas

“I joined the TNM because Texas has a unique culture. Its goals are usually distinct – sometimes slightly and sometimes markedly – from those of the D.C. government.” – Eric R. in Moody, Texas

“I joined the TNM because I don’t like anyone messing with the history of the Alamo, the men who died there are some of my childhood heroes.” – Michael S. in Crockett, Texas

“I joined the TNM because I see the TNM as an opportunity to cut down the size of the government and increase the liberty of Texians by getting the Federal government out of Texas.” – Tom R. in Magnolia, Texas

“I joined the TNM because I have believed Texas would be better off as an independent nation since my high school days. It just took 48 years to find a sensible organization which sought independence. ” – Joe R. in Woodville, Texas

The Texas Nationalist Movement has unrivaled practical experience on the issue of Texas independence

The Texas Nationalist Movement is led by Daniel Miller, who has over 20 years of practical experience in Texas independence advocacy and understands what its like to be in your position. He authored two books on the subject: “Line In The Sand” and “TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union“. In other words, he literally wrote the book on Texas independence.

Most importantly, Daniel leads a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers. The TNM has worked with and met with hundreds of elected officials in Texas on critical issues surrounding Texas independence and organized TNM’s supporters to advocate for these issues. This includes drafting and championing the Texas Independence Referendum Act, the successful passage of the Texas Gold Depository Act, the successful passage of legislation that would give equal footing to the celebration of Texas holidays in statute, and others.

The TNM has coordinated with other independence movements around the world including those in the UK, Scotland, France, Brazil, and Catalonia. We are frequently invited to participate in international conferences on the issue of self-determination.

We're a world-respected authority on the issues of Texas independence and self-determination, as seen on...

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