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The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is excited to launch a dedicated campaign to provide our members and supporters resources to help research the fundamental aspects of blockchain and decentralized finance, including, but not limited to: types of investments, blockchains, crypto wallets, token features, benefits of long term staking as opposed to the somewhat volatile practice of trading, as well as many other topics.

Over a year ago, with the intent to unlock prosperity for the movement, TNM became a gracious beneficiary of INFINET Development, a visionary company led by a highly experienced team of business professionals dedicated to working with non-profit organizations worldwide. They developed the first endowment project on the blockchain with a vision and intention to benefit the TNM and its supporters, called The Texan Token. More recently, they launched a similar endowment token for a non-profit organization of churches in the Philippines called The Ophir Token.

During the Catalyst Campaign of 2022, many TNM members and supporters, through donations and their daily efforts in support of the TNM mission, received a free airdrop of no-value Texas Tokens. YOU ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY.

By filling out the form provided, you will become a part of the Crypto Enthusiasts for TEXIT, a dedicated group within the TNM. This network will serve as a platform where you can get answers regarding unseen or unstaked assets that may still be in the system, be directed to the necessary resources to educate yourself on some of the more complicated aspects of the crypto world, or even learn how to set up crypto endowment programs for your children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren!

Ready to join Crypto Enthusiasts for TEXIT? Fill out the form and become a part of this empowering initiative! Let’s unite to help create resources within our community to help Texas become a free and Independent Nation in our lifetime and possibly even develop generational resources for your family!

Our purpose is to guide our membership in researching what can be a sometimes confusing platform. NOTE: NOTHING HEREIN SHOULD TO BE CONSTRUED AS INVESTMENT OR FINANCIAL ADVICE.

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We want to provide professional and reliable Crypto educational resources to our members and supporters.

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