Texans Should Have A Vote On TEXIT

In poll after poll, Texans have spoken on the issue of independence. It’s time that we put it to a fair and public vote on whether Texas wants to stay …

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Defend The Alamo

Since our inception in 2005, the Texas Nationalist Movement has been an outspoken advocate for issues surrounding The Alamo. Often massively outnumbered, much like the defenders of The Alamo, we …

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Become A TNM Candidate

The Texas Nationalist Movement is recruiting candidates to run for elected office. If you are a supporter of the TNM, share our strong pro-Texas and pro-Texit values, and are ready …

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TNM Votes 2020

This survey is only for candidates for public office. If you know a candidate for political office, share this survey with them. Let them know that your vote for them …

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