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The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is proud to launch a special campaign designed to honor and unite veterans who believe in our mission for political, cultural, and economic independence. We invite veterans from all corners of Texas to come together in support of the cause of TEXIT.

The TEXIT Veterans Network is an initiative aimed at bringing together veterans who stand for Texas independence, fostering a community of shared experience and commitment within the larger body of TNM. This initiative is a tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for their country, now channeling their passion and dedication towards building a self-determined future for Texas.

By filling out the provided form, you will become a part of the TEXIT Veterans Network. This platform will serve as a place for you to connect, share insights, and coordinate with fellow veterans who stand with TEXIT. It’s a space to continue your service, honor your commitment, and work together in supporting the cause of Texas independence.

Joining the TEXIT Veterans Network not only fortifies the TEXIT movement, but also connects you with a community of veterans who share a common vision for Texas.

As we strive towards building a self-governed Texas, we recognize and value the unique experiences and perspectives that veterans bring to our movement. Your participation and support play a crucial role in our shared journey towards a self-determined Texas.

Stand with fellow veterans who share your vision of Texas independence. Fill out the form today and become part of the TEXIT Veterans Network. Together, we can continue to make a difference.

Ready to stand with fellow veterans for the cause of TEXIT? Fill out the form today to join the TEXIT Veterans Network. Let’s continue to serve Texas together.

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We want to engage, unite, and empower veterans who support TEXIT, offering a platform for them to continue their service to Texas within the Texas Nationalist Movement.

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