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The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is excited to launch a dedicated campaign to unite homeschool families across Texas who believe in the vision of TEXIT. As advocates for Texas independence and self-determination, we understand and respect the choice of families who choose homeschooling as a path for imparting education that aligns with their values, lifestyle, and belief in personal freedom.

This initiative aims to bring together homeschooling families who support TEXIT, fostering a supportive and active community within the larger framework of the TNM. We understand that homeschooling is not just an educational choice, but a lifestyle that reflects a commitment to independence, personal responsibility, and self-determination—values that echo the heart of the TEXIT mission.

By filling out the form provided, you will become a part of the TEXIT Homeschool Network, a dedicated group within the TNM. This network will serve as a platform where you can engage, share, and coordinate with other homeschooling families who stand for TEXIT. It’s a space to discuss ideas, exchange resources, and work together in supporting the cause of Texas independence.

Joining the TEXIT Homeschool Network not only adds to the strength of the TEXIT movement but also connects you with a supportive community of like-minded families who understand and share your commitment to homeschooling and self-governance.

As we work towards building a self-governed Texas, we recognize and value the role of homeschooling families in shaping the future generation of Texans. Your participation and support play a vital part in our shared journey towards a self-determined Texas.

Embrace the opportunity to unite with fellow homeschooling families who share your vision of Texas independence. Fill out the form today and join the TEXIT Homeschool Network. Let’s make a difference—together.

Ready to join the TEXIT Homeschool Network? Fill out the form and become a part of this empowering initiative. Let’s stand united for homeschooling and the cause of TEXIT.

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We want to unite and empower homeschool families who support TEXIT, providing a platform for them to engage and collaborate within the Texas Nationalist Movement.

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