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Welcome to the Online Response Corps! This campaign by the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is designed to unite social media users who passionately support TEXIT, establishing a potent online presence to foster communication and coordination with our Communications Team.

The Online Response Corps is your platform to contribute actively to the TEXIT movement, right from your keyboard. As a part of this initiative, you will be connected with other social media users who share your passion for Texas’ political, cultural, and economic independence. It’s a chance to harness the power of social media to further our shared goal of self-determination.

By filling out the form, you will become an essential part of the Online Response Corps. This initiative will provide a platform to engage, collaborate, and create a united front online to share updates, counter misinformation, and spread the message of TEXIT to a broader audience.

The internet is a battleground of ideas, and with your help, the vision of an independent Texas can stand strong and reach far. Sign up today to join the Online Response Corps. Let’s make the voice of Texas resonate online!

Ready to amplify the TEXIT message online? Fill out the form today and join the Online Response Corps! Together, let’s unite the voices of Texas online for our cause.

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We are mobilizing and coordinating social media users who support TEXIT, enhancing our online presence and ensuring the accurate representation of our message on various platforms.

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