Resolution Revolution: A County By County Call For TEXIT

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Embrace the spirit of Texas. Join the “Resolution Revolution” as we spread the call for a TEXIT vote across the state, one county at a time. Just like Edwards County, we are urging all 254 Texas counties to pass resolutions asking the Texas Legislature to put the question of Texas independence on the ballot.

Why? We believe in self-determination and that Texans should have the right to vote on TEXIT. The Federal government’s handling of debt, state sovereignty, private business restrictions, the right to bear arms, and border and immigration policies have only fueled the desire for a Texas that stands strong and independent.

Texas citizens, like you, are voicing their need for change. But we need more. We need a ripple effect across all counties, which will ultimately become a massive wave of support that our Legislature cannot ignore.

Do you want to be part of this powerful movement? We need volunteers who believe in our cause and are ready to help us make history. Don’t worry, we have the materials ready to present and will help coach you through the process.

By volunteering, you’ll be at the forefront of this effort, engaging with your county officials and making sure your county voices its opinion loud and clear. Together, we can make sure Texans get the vote they deserve.

So, are you ready to join the “Resolution Revolution”? Fill out the form and become a champion for Texas independence in your county. You’ll be contacted by our campaign team to help you get started and guide you through this process. Let’s start this revolution together and build a future where Texas is for Texans!

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We want to build public pressure on the Texas Legislature by having County Commissioners Courts pass resolutions calling for a statewide vote on independence.

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Angela Wetuski

Campaign Coordinator