To the Conventions: Prioritize TEXIT in the Republican Platform

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This is our chance to organize the Texit supporters in the grassroots of the Republican Party of Texas after state chair Matt Rinaldi blocked the TEXIT referendum from the Republican Party Primary Ballot. We need every TNM Republican voter to sign up for this campaign to introduce the TEXIT resolution to become a Legislative Priority for the Republican Party of Texas and to retain the planks we already have on the platform.

What will you need to do? First, we will provide training to detail the steps and answer your questions. The short version is this:

  • attend our training
  • attend your precinct convention
  • any Republican primary voter can be a delegate
  • introduce and pass the recommended resolutions
  • request to be a delegate to your county/SD convention
  • On March 23, if selected as a delegate to the county/SD convention, it is the same steps again, just requesting to be a delegate to the State convention
  • At the State convention, vote for the planks, help represent TEXIT, and if you can participate in committees, you can help even if you are not selected to be a delegate

Sign up today, and we will contact you with the details of the training.

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We want to pass the TEXIT Resolutions in as many precinct and county/SD conventions as possible throughout Texas and elect TEXIT supporters as party delegates to the Texas Republican State Convention. Help us strengthen the planks and call for a vote as a priority!

Picture of Susan Williamson

Susan Williamson

Campaign Coordinator