To the Conventions: Prioritize TEXIT in the Republican Platform

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This is our chance to organize the Texit supporters at the grassroots level of the Republican Party of Texas. We must identify all delegates, alternates, and convention attendees who support a vote on TEXIT (a referendum on Texas Independence).

What will you need to do? Fill out the form and take action as needed at the convention:

  • Help keep our planks via the platform committee
  • Help make a TEXIT vote a priority on the priorities committee
  • Help identify other pro-TEXIT delegates
  • Encourage delegates to vote for Pro-TEXIT party leadership
  • Encourage delegates to vote for our planks and priority in the General Session
  • And, of course, delegates can vote for party leaders, priorities, and planks!

Sign up today, and we will add you to our working group on TNM social where you can review training and ask questions.

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Help us strengthen the planks and call for a vote as a priority!

Picture of Susan Williamson

Susan Williamson

Campaign Coordinator