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@bryanforhd2 I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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3101 Joe Ramsey Blvd., Greenville, TX 74051

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DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-03-12Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled to say thank you for co-authoring HB 1359 and encouraged him to find more Representatives to sign on. Spoke with Patrick.
2021-04-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitSlaton wasn’t in but we thanked his staffers for co-authoring the bill.
2021-06-04Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled with a message of hearty thanks for his hard work this session, quick action on defeating the Conference Committee report for HB 1987, AND for supporting Texas Independence!!!
2022-12-01Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI told the person who answered the phone I wanted to thank Bryan for all the work he has done for the TEXIT bill. And if he needs anything I be happy to help. I left my name, number and address.
2022-12-01Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled, got voicemail, left a message thanking Representative Slaton for his hard work on the Texas Independence Referendum bill.
2022-12-02Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationLeft a voicemail thanking Bryan for all of his efforts in support of TEXIT on behalf of all of his fellow Texans.
2023-01-11Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterI wrote a postcard telling him thank you for saying NO to the establishment. And to support TEXIT.
2023-02-03Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterI sent a postcard thanking Mr Slayton for helping get the Independence Referendum bill to the legislative council. I received a letter saying that he is grateful for my encouragement. I am a registered voter but NOT in House District 2 (Mr Slayton's district).
2023-02-14Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called spoke with Carman, one of Rep. Bryan Slaton's assistants on 2/14/23 in his Greenville office. I asked her about his stance on Texit and she stated that he is in fact a supporter of TEXIT. I already knew him to be not only a supporter of it, but a coauthor of our TEXIT bill along with Rep. Kyle B. in the last house session, but on our TEXIT Site, it shows him to be Neutral. Not sure what Changed here, but I'm going to send my Texit letter via an email, which Carman stated that they track those much better and easier than they can letters for some reason.
2023-02-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled Rep. Slaton office on 2/23/23 and spoke to Kayden? I Advised her that I was not a constituent of Mr Slaton but I had spoken to him previously and that i appreciated the work he was doing to uphold strong conservative values and honor all Texans by standing by the RPT platform and sending the TIRA to Leg. Council. I then asked her to urge him on part of all Texans to follow through on Honoring His Oath of Office, his commitment to the RPT platform and the two planks calling for the referendum and his promise in the Texas First pledge and File the TIRA. she Stated she was pass the information on to Rep. Slaton I thanked her for her time and assistance and wished her a good weekend.
2023-02-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled and left a message thanking Rep. Slaton for all he has done. Informed him that I am a Precinct Chairman in Angelina county and signed the Texas First pledge as he did. Asked him to file the Texit bill as he pledged to do. Thanked him again for all he is doing for Texas.
2023-02-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationSpoke with an office worker named Caaidence. Asked to please pass along that we want the TEXIT bill filed
2023-02-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationSpoke with Candace about him signing Take TEXAS Back pledge. She said she would pass along ask that he file the bill.
2023-02-24Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled and spoke to Kayden. I thanked Rep Slaton for filing the TEXIT bill to Leg Council and asked him to now champion and file the bill as Kyle Beidermann did last session, of which, he sponsored. Thanked them for their consideration in this important matter.
2023-02-25Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterLetter received 2/25/23 essentially states that he is still a supporter of TEXIT and is working with his colleagues in the House to see "where we go from here now that Kyle Biederman is no longer in the Legislature to carry the bill."
2023-02-26Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationFriday 2/24 - Spoke with his staff member a/b filing and supporting the TIRA. Carson (his staff member) said that Rep Slayton had some questions a/b the bill for Daniel (who I think was going to visit him later that day). I thanked him for his support and that we are praying for him.
2023-02-28Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called to ask Rep Slaton to FILE the TEXIT bill. I spoke to one of his staffers and he took my name and thanked me for calling.
2023-03-03Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitMy wife, myself, and four kids visited Mr Slaton's office in person. We met with his staff Dayton Wright. He was as pleasant as can be. We spent about half an hour making the case, telling our personal story, and providing him with the data of the polls that show high TEXIT support. He commented he was impressed that we came very well prepared, well spoken. As far as I can tell they're still planning to introduce the independence referendum act but haven't done so yet. He also referred us to speak to several other reps.
2023-03-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI spoke with his staff member Carmen Rockett. She was unaware that Rep Slaton had filed the bill or what it was about. I had copies of the TEXIT book so I left one with my card, and some pamphlets to hand out to voters who wanted to learn more. I told her about our local meetings and invited her to come.
2023-03-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitOn 3/7/23 dropped off a thank you letter to Rep. Slaton for filing HB 3596 the previous day.

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