State House District 101

Chris Turner

@chrisgturner I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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District Office

320 Westway Place, Suite 501, Arlington, TX 76018

Reported Interactions

DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2023-03-11Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitOn 3/7/23 at Capitol office talked with Leg. Aide Kate and briefed her on HB 3596. I gave her a personal letter to Rep. Turner with attached copy of HB 3596 asking for support of bill.
2023-03-16Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI spoke to the staffer who answered and asked that the Rep be encouraged to get 3596 to a hearing asap. I said that I support TEXIT and asked that the Rep support it also.
2023-03-30Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI stepped in and spoke with Leg. Aide Kate. I shared a copy of the bill with the Executive Summary on the front. I shared that it was important for the bill to receive a hearing. Letting the people vote is something we should all be interested in, and supporting this bill allows the voice of the people to be heard. Kate took the information and said that she would share it with the representative.

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