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2021-03-11Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitCody stated that he is opposed to independence because he "swore an oath to the constitution." Even when reminded that HR1 would remove the rights of the state of Texas to run its own elections and would make electing a Republican to federal office, even in Texas, he still said he would stand by that oath. He did say that he would not vote against HB1359, but he has not decided if he would vote in support or abstain from voting altogether.
2021-03-12Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationMr.Taylor the state legislator director said that they will be looking into it if it gets a committee hearing to make their final decision on HB1359
2021-03-12Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationUpdate I texted cody vasut here are the following messages for the conversation Me:Hey Mr.Cody vasut Why are you opposed to HB1359 ? It Goes along with Article 1 section 2 of The Texas Constitution, which states the following. Sec. 2. INHERENT POLITICAL POWER; REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT. All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient. Why are you against our right to vote on the issue of TEXIT? This is the very definition of allowing we the people of Texas to Vote on reforming our government to our benefit Cody response:.Hi! I’m actually not opposed to HB 1359 and will not vote against it if it makes it to the floor. I do wonder if it is constitutional under the Texas Constitution because I’ve always been told you have to amend the constitution to authorize a binding referendum, but I understand the Bill author believe his current draft works. I don’t know if I’ll co-author the bill, vote for it, or simply abstain, but I certainly will not vote no on it. Me:Well I'm here to tell that Mr Vasut There's people here in Southern Brazoria.county that are for it and want you to co sign it. I just spoke to a Hispanic father and a husband who works for an Oil and Gas company sir he said he would vote yes for Texas Independence .When i told him your position on this bill , He was left speechless knowing that our state rep that is supposed to represent the people in House District 25 was not a strong supporter for HB1359. Mind you this same father is usually not involved into politics but giving the fact that his industry has been hit harder than ever from the federal government he wants to vote in November for HB1359 .This can bring hope to the future of his family , children knowing that Texas will be a place of prosperity ,job opportunities, and where freedom still rings. This father is from Lake Jackson TX and he represents many more people here in your district that would atleast want to vote on this issue and want you to co sign HB1359. I personally did a block walk here in lake jackson passing out information about TEXIT and I got more people that are interested into it and saying yes then the few people who said no to HB1359. Folks never thought this could be a possibility until now. I can assure you they will be extremely disappointed if you do not co sign HB1359 cody vasut last response: Understood.
2021-03-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationhave sent this text message today pertaining to the federal government hoping to start a conversation about HB1359 but he has not responded back I Honedtly I don't even think in 5 years we will have Texas as Texas as we know it sir . Is Washington DC really repairable? the federal government are encouraging lawlessness and they are not going to stop it anytime soon they will continue to let this happen until they can destroy Texas economically, culturally, politically. In my opinion he is no better than Dennis bonnen. He needs to GO. He's a typical politician that does lip service.
2021-03-29Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationA Lady named Caroline from his office answered the phone. I told her I expect cody vasut to co author Kyle Biedermann HB1359. She said that they have heard alot about the bill. She said they have had some emails for supprt the bill. She said she will pass the message along. Lets keep the pressure on cody and everyone else within the Texas House !!!
2021-03-31Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled his office and his legislator director Mr.Taylor answered the phone. I spoke to him said I demand cody vasut to co author HB1359. He said to me yes we already have it on file then the conversation was over.. These people have to be visited at their office in Austin Texas
2021-04-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitHe said he doesn't know whether he would abstain from it or vote yes on it. He also said there Needs to have an HRC with it to ammend it. Cody vassut in my opinion is a very shifty lawyer who loves to try act like he's your friend and shares your concerns but he really doesn't.
2022-09-22Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an emailI emailed Cody, will you support legislation that is for a vote on Texas independence? I mentioned plank 225. He responded back with the following: I will author an HJR to amend the Texas Constitution to allow the people to propose and vote on amendments to the Texas Constitution by petition, which could be used as a method to force a vote on this issue under Plank 225 if enough Texans are in favor of it. If an HJR makes it to the floor calling for a vote of the people on this issue, I would vote yes because I believe Texans are well within their rights to vote yes or no on asserting independence
2022-11-29Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationLeft a message on his voicemail. I'll report back if he responds to my questions.
2022-11-29Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called him to schedule a meeting with him and he didn't answer his phone. I left a voice mail for him to return my phone call.
2022-11-30Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called Cody's office in Angleton. The lady I spoke said he has been busy and will be in Austin all next week taking care of bills. She said she will see if he can meet. Maybe he can call me about it so we can disucss it. She said she isn't sure if he will be willing to carry the bill.
2022-12-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationMy interaction with the State Rep CodyVasut office in Austin was very professional. The guy I spoke to was helpful and wanted the number of last sessions House Bill the last time it was filed which I told him. He also once the House Bill number once it's filed so they can look at it
2023-01-26Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationSpoke with Edward Jaax in Cody Vasut's Austin office. He did not know that the Texas Independence Referendum Act made it through the Legislative Council and is ready to file. He said that he would mention it to Rep. Vasut. He asked if it was the same bill that Bietermann filed last session, and I told him that it is substantially the same. I pointed out that the Act is not a declaration of independence or secession, and that if the referendum passes, that would not be a declaration of independence/secession. I said that the purpose of the Act is for the people of Texas to vote on the question of independence, and that if it passes, it sets up a framework for next steps. I made the analogy to a divorce, that Texas separating from the union would be a process, and that there are obvious areas which would require negotiation with the federal government; a lawful withdrawal from the federal union, in other words.
2023-01-26Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI forgot to add that I sent Mr Jaax a follow-up email with the draft bill attached.
2023-01-28Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterI sent him a postcard with information about Texit.
2023-03-17Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationSpoke to one lc the staffers. after i told him i. suppprt HB3596 I asked him if cody vasut will co author the bill. And he said rhat he doesn't know and that he will call me when he has a answer.

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