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@joanhuffman I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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129 Circle Way, Suite 101, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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2021-03-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled uffman's Houston number and spoke with Austin. "We would like to hear from our district Senator Joan Huffman on Texas Referendum HB 1359. The TNM site shows no support We would like to hear from Huffman on is she in favor, against or will she open the discussion? Just to cite one issue: Texans should not have to wait for ICE, FEMA or any presidential administration to act on problems at our border. No doubt those undocumented children are at risk of being absorbed into the human trafficking and pedophilia trade . We at TNM have not heard back from her on the phone calls and emails he is receiving on the bill and it would be respectful of our Senator to make a reply." Austin received the message with due attention.
2021-04-01Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterTo date I have called Senator Huffmans office about HB1359 and written to her many times and have not received any response.
2022-11-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI was basically told that my senator Joan Huffman is rarely in lake jackson. But she was down last week for a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Brazoria county emergency operations. The lady who spoke to me from Joan Huffmans lake jackson office was real nice and will pass my concerns to Joan Huffman about her champion Texas Independence legislation.
2022-11-29Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationTalked to the person who answered the phone. He said it would be difficult to talk to here directly (she is so busy?). He did take my questions and said he would personally ask her and would get back to me with her response.
2022-12-07Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called Senator Huffmans office to support the Texas Independence Referendum Act. The guy that answered the phone will pass that along to Senator Huffman.
2022-12-14Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationA few weeks ago I sent a detailed letter to Senator Huffman outlining the constitutional issues regarding secession and the benefits that will accrue to a free, independent, self-governing Texas. I asserted that it is time for an independence referendum, and that I believe Texas should be governed by Texans, not Washington, D.C. Today I received a phone call from the Senator's Lake Jackson district office, where I'd sent the letter. Unfortunately, I was not on the ball and did not get the name of the staffer who called me. She told me that she had forwarded my letter to Senator Huffman's legislative director in Austin. We had a pleasant conversation during which I said that it does not matter where Senator Huffman stands on the question of independence; the critical issue is where the people of Texas stand, and that requires a referendum to ask the question. I added that preventing a vote of the people is not OK. The staffer said that she would send that in a follow-up email to the Senator's legislative director.
2023-01-11Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterWrote letter, per district director’s suggestion, urging our Senator to allow (if not support) the TEXIT referendum for the ballot.
2023-01-11Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterSent a pro TEXIT postcard. (postage is cheaper). Urged her to support Texit. A union that is not voluntary is not a union. It's not ok to prevent the vote. Preventing the vote on TEXIT to occur is like them voting NO for you. They don't get to decide. We the people decide.
2023-02-06Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI had a nice chat with a gentleman named Austin in Senator Huffman's office. I told him I was calling about the Texas Independence Referendum Act and said that I sent a couple letters and postcards. He replied immediately that they have the postcards and saved them. I asked if Senator Huffman had a position on the Texit bill, and he told me that she waits for a bill to come out of committee before taking a position one way or the other, and this is because a committee can make changes to a bill, which could be good or bad. I offered to send a copy of the draft bill if he would be interested, and he responded very positively, saying that Senator Huffman would read it. He seemed to think that the Texas Constitution would need to be amended, which requires a two thirds super majority in the House and the Senate. It disabused him of that, saying that the bill simply puts the question on the ballot in November, which incurs no cost because there is already an election scheduled, and that it gives Texans the opportunity to vote on whether or not we want independence. Further, I said that it is not, in and of itself, a declaration of independence or secession. I reminded him of Article 1 Section 2 and said that I'm not asking for Senator Huffman's endorsement of independence, only that she support the right of Texans to change or abolish our government in any manner we think expedient.

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