Joan Huffman

State Senate District 17

Capitol Office


HB 1359


District Office

129 Circle Way, Suite 101, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
(979) 480-0994

District Office

2900 Weslayan Street, Suite 500, P.O. Box 541774, Houston, TX 77254
(713) 850-1981


DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-03-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled uffman's Houston number and spoke with Austin. "We would like to hear from our district Senator Joan Huffman on Texas Referendum HB 1359. The TNM site shows no support We would like to hear from Huffman on is she in favor, against or will she open the discussion? Just to cite one issue: Texans should not have to wait for ICE, FEMA or any presidential administration to act on problems at our border. No doubt those undocumented children are at risk of being absorbed into the human trafficking and pedophilia trade . We at TNM have not heard back from her on the phone calls and emails he is receiving on the bill and it would be respectful of our Senator to make a reply." Austin received the message with due attention.
2021-04-01Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterTo date I have called Senator Huffmans office about HB1359 and written to her many times and have not received any response.


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