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@travisfortexas I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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202 East Pilar, Suite: 310, Nacogdoches, TX 75961

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2021-03-17Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled Travis Clardy’s office and spoke to someone who answered the phone. This person stated that Mr Clardy never said that secession is “silly talk” or TEXIT supporters are “cowards and deserters”. He said he is opposed because Texas would lose everything; social security, no military, etc… Their facts are not correct. I debated the actual facts with him but then he decided he did not want to talk to me anymore and said he would pass the message to Mr Clardy. Chances are they will just laugh it off as another person who is not as smart as they are. I think they have forgotten they work for us. If they really cared and were working for the people, they would find out exactly how the people they represent feel about this and how they, as our representatives, should vote.
2021-03-17Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterYou're a Texan first to the people you serve. The dollar is tanking and you want to ride the wave?
2021-03-17Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled talked to staff. Asked why Clardy would not take up the debate challenge from Daniel Miller. The stiffer, said that it would be a waste of Clardy's time. Informed him that discussing Texas Independence with Daniel is not a waste of time and Clardy was the coward that did not want the facts to come out in a debate. He stuttered and then said that Clardy signed on to HB 1215. I asked and what does that have to do with calling TNM supporters COWARDS and HB1215 does not speak to letting TEXANS vote as to whether they want a free republic once again. He said he would pass my comments along but NEVER asked for my zip code. Pretty sure my comment just went to the "round file"
2021-03-18Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called and talked to his office personnel and explained that I am a United States Air Force veteran and served in Afghanistan as an officer. I am neither a coward or deserter. I explained that I support TIRA.
2021-03-18Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an emailI sent this email: Dear Rep. Clardy, If you're paying attention, I'm sure you have noticed that HB1359 is gaining support by your colleagues. Some who are willing to put their name to the Bill and others who are too afraid of being cancelled to outwardly show their support, but who support it all the same. I know that you are neither. You had no problem calling supporters of the bill COWARDS, but I would argue that your refusal to debate the issue speaks volumes as to your cowardice. I am fortunate to have a representative, Jeff Cason, who listens to his constituents on issues that are important to us and stands up for us. As I communicated to him, it doesn't really matter if you believe in the concept of secession or not, it is your job to give the VOTERS the right to choose at the polls, not to arbitrarily make those decisions for them. You are not smarter than the people that put you in office. Good luck at getting re-elected. I'm sure Daniel Miller's offer to debate you still stands, if you ever get brave enough to do it.
2021-03-18Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an emailEmail to Clardy: Mr. Clardy, As you see I am not in your district so my vote in your primary or re-election is not a concern to you. However, as a fellow Texan, I wonder if recent events since the video on the Texas Nationalist Movement website in which you said Texas becoming independent from the U.S. is "unhealthy and unproductive" and you are "proud of the country you/we grew up in" -- I wonder if recent events may have altered your assessment of the situation even in the smallest degree? I refer to our current border crisis, which is anything BUT healthy (neither for Texans nor for migrants), clearly is NOT productive (except for cartels and quite possibly the Biden Amin. agenda), and the CLEAR FACT that the U.S. of TODAY is NOT the country we grew up in. Period. I would enjoy hearing more about your views on these subjects, and please, do not spare Daniel Miller the extra sweat and work to prepare for a debate between you and him; after all, as we get along in years we all need more exercise of the intellect, and a challenge is good practice to maintain clarity in justification of one's convictions and positions by which they serve their constituency and thereby, all their fellow Texans.
2021-03-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationSpoke to assistant he claims the rep never said those things and he simply believes the bill to be a waste of time. I requested a call back
2021-04-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitWon’t coauthor. Admits to 200 phone calls about Texit. Staffer inferred we were unAmerican.
2021-09-09Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an emailI mentioned growing support from voters for the "silly" TEXIT independence movement and requested his support for the Texas Independence Referendum Act.
2023-01-28Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letterI sent him a postcard with information about Texit.

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